Dani Ward

Designer | Teacher | Consultant

Chyrl Graham

former student of mine at Hagerstown Community College

I met Dani when I was a student at Hagerstown Community College. I attended HCC working towards my Associates in Graphic Design and my Associates in Website Design. Because many of the classes for both degrees overlapped, I had Dani as my instructor for several of my core classes throughout my years there. As I am a very studious and intense student, and the classes I attended with Dani as my instructor were very important to me for my future career as a Website Designer and a Graphic Designer, I had very high expectations of the classes Dani taught. I was not disappointed. I found Dani to be very knowledgable (sic) in her field of expertise. She presented the material in a well planned manner and was always available to her students if extra explanations were necessary. Because of Dani’s creative and informative teaching style, she gave me the experience, knowledge and confidence I needed to pursue my professional career. Since I have graduated, I am now the owner and operator of a website and graphic design business, and, on an everyday basis, I use the information she taught me. I feel she would be a great professional asset to any company.