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Practical Logo Design

Symbolize and summarize. —Saul Bass A lot of graphic design work is pretty specific in nature. Brochures have specific sizes and folding patterns. Direct mail has to meet postal regulations. Web design has to be flexible, legible, and accessible across many devices and browsers. But logo design? Well. Logo design is in its own category. Think about the projects mentioned…

Throwback Thursday: INFOCUS Marketing Rebranding

INFOCUS Marketing acquired a 25 year old print and direct mail firm in June of 2010. Months before the official acquisition took place, the marketing department needed to come up with a new face for the company as we would be offering our clients and customers a myriad of services beyond list management.

Having been a part of the team for months, I had already proven my skill set, so I was tasked with redesigning our corporate materials and a company logo redesign. My goal was to keep the visual language consistent without being overbearing. The following gallery shows the rebranding before and after.