Dani Ward

Designer | Teacher | Consultant


A sizable portion of the work I do is print design. Brochures, fliers, mailers, postcards, booklets — you name it, I can design it and work with any printer to make sure the final product is awesome. These are some of the print projects I’ve worked on.


The goal of packaging design is three-fold: first, the design must contain the product (or fit on the thing that does). It must be attractive to draw consumer’s attention, and provide incentive for the consumer to purchase the product. The My First Lab products for which I designed packaging assisted in bringing in a significant number of pre-orders and helped the products land on the shelves of sellers like Costco and Hobby Lobby.

Direct Mail

Direct mail campaigns are challenging. So much of direct-to-prospect or direct-to-customer mail pieces end up in the garbage or recycling under the category of junk mail. So the messaging has to be immediately apparent, attractive, and compelling. The design also has to meet USPS standards, which vary depending on how the piece is designed and how quickly it needs to reach its target. 



Fliers are a great way to easily and inexpensively advertise events and educate viewers. My flier designs have been handed out at public schools county-wide, displayed in every major independent storefront, sent as part of direct mail campaigns, and used in social media marketing — all avenues that directly engage with target audiences.


Whether you need a proposal design, handbook for a trade show or event, an annual report, or a visual guide — I specialize in creating strong designs where each and every spread is a unique experience that ties into the rest of the design. This aids in guiding your readers through the booklet, engaging them on every page, and helping with their visual memory of where pertinent information can be found.

Sales Sheets

Sales sheets are an incredibly important resource for customer service personnel in any product- or service-driven industry. I work closely with all my clients to make sure that their sales sheets reflect their existing brand (or the rebranding I’ve just overseen for them), are easy to read and follow, and provide incentive for contacts to follow up with sales representatives.