Dani Ward

Graphic Designer

Dani Ward, Graphic Designer

I’m a Maryland-based graphic designer, college instructor, artist, and human focused on making my little sphere of influence a better-educated and more compassionate place.

10 Years of Design

My time as a designer has been spent working in 3 very common scenarios. In the past decade, I’ve been a freelance designer, worked in-house as part of a marketing team, and spent time as a member of a design studio. Each workplace has its own set of expectations, responsibilities, and tasks.

Working in such varied environments has helped me narrow the focus of my work in recent years. Most of my projects involve branding. I really enjoy creating a visually unique, engaging, and consistent framework for a client’s design and marketing needs — whether that includes a logo redesign or not.

3 Years of Teaching

This spring begins my third year of teaching graphic design classes at my local community college. Because of the variety of my design experience, I’m able to better prepare students for work outside the classroom. I collaborate with small businesses in the community to give my classes experience working with client-provided design briefs. Similarly, local printers have agreed to work with my classes as they learn to prep files for production.

A Lifetime of Learning

My passion is encouraging people to be good to themselves and to one another. Being a good human boils down to empathy and respect. That may sound simple, but it takes learning by listening and paying attention to those around us. Those traits are needed to be a good designer, too. I want to make a positive impact on the world with my life and my design.